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    Other than 2 you mentioned , check out "Open Programmer v0.7.x" An open source USB programmer for PIC micros, I2C-SPI-MicroWire EEPROMs, some ATMEL micros, generic I2C/SPI devices and (soon) other devices from "" which has huge chip support also we had a discussion with the designer of the same, he told that if required he will add asupport to 89Sxx series also if work is shared partially

    Quick facts :-
    Completely free and Open Source (including firmware)
    Programs PIC10-12-16-18-24, dsPIC30-33, EEPROMs type 24xxxx (I2C), 25xxx (SPI), 93xx6 (MicroWire), some ATMEL micros, communicates with generic I2C & SPI devices (see supported devices)
    Can work as ICD debugger
    USB 2.0 Full Speed interface, HID class (same as keyboards, mice, etc.)
    Self powered
    Doesn't need drivers
    Built from easy to find components
    Hardware generated timings for maximum speed and reliability (writes a 18F2550 in 15s, 8s under Linux)
    Doesn't saturate your CPU and doesn't suffer when other programs are running
    Open source control programs for Linux and Windows

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    @ulhas Have you tried building that Open Programmer???
    Seems to be a great project

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