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Thread: Help using IR circuit

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    even the detector is starting to glow..
    ..never experienced anything like this..and no it shouldn't glow.Detectors don't glow.Try another piece.Also remember when buying IR emitters/detectors,buy around 5 to 6 pairs...allows for testing.

    The link which you mentioned uses the TSOP1738 infrared detector..note that this sensor receives /detects only around 38 to 40Khz frequencies ,which means you need to generate such a frequency[using a 555 or a micro] costs aroun 30 to 40 bucks

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    yaa...ur info was useful..and finally no one was giving us IR we removed IR pair from a ball mouse and wow...its working...ofcourse...junta r discarding ball mouses...and..i need a small sheets or somestuff...coz..there were no numbers on that small IR pair...and i dont know this...the IR detector has 3 terminals..and i want to know which terminal shud be connected to wat..any help wud be gratefull... :-)

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