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Thread: where is the embedded linux training?

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    Default where is the embedded linux training?

    where is the embedded linux training?
    or where we can find knowhow

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    Rather than wasting a lot of money , why not buy a basic embedded Linux board and then DIY , Its quite easy i did learned this way and can tell you did more than what most beginner trainings taught in a month in 3 - 4 days.

    Also most of the time they teach a lot of theory which u can read from any embedded/RTS book.

    Buy a Dev board which supports embedded linux for ex Beagle board , Gumstix or Any arm9 , xscale , OMAP etc supporting one. Its easier than you think .
    Vikas Patial

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    Thanks for advice(let me to know the tool better).
    uhm,where can i get this tool?
    so,could you please advise where or url?


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    Google it, Vikas gave you so many dev board names. Did you check with the shops listed in Wiki section for each city and the online shops. If you do get a dev board, you will ask Vikas to teach you

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