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Thread: tic tac toe robot

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    Hi Vikas, Can you give me the details for building the robot arm !!

    I am veryyyyyyyyy much interested doing it for my project.

    Please help me.

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    Default hey

    there, i am doing the exact same process for my senior, using lego robotics.

    i have partly finished the robot, just have one last piece that is killing me and i am trying to acquire( custom build was 300 dollars, crazy ! ! ) for a piece of iron.

    ANyway , that is another story.

    Vikas, i am thinking for the same thing, i am using matlab in order to do my image recognition , i am acquiring 640x480 images from a computer camera, and i indend to have some good lighting there in order to avoid any ... anything at all.

    Also i am also using median filtering, but this may not be needed as i believe the image is clear as it is , can you let me now ? The image is here. Edit: The image is also transformed in black and white

    I am trying now to crop everything that is outside the chess board and later split up the boxes. Any help on how i can do this is greatly appreciated.


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