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    Default a basic robot

    I want to do a project in which I need to control a moving robot using a pc.
    I need to generate a robotic movement in x,y and z directions.
    Iam a computer student.
    Could any one suggest the procedure to start with.

    greenant :?

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    With a wheeled robot, there is no z axis so I bet you are looking towards a robotic arm.

    Connect your microcontroller to the serial port and use hyperterminal to give inputs, make the micro understand those inputs using "your" program and move the robot accordingly. or connect a joystick to your pc and make the micro communicate with that.

    I am just giving you directions and ideas. Don't expect me to give any sort of code or circuit diagrams as all are easily available online.


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    hey i have created such a robot wireless car operated from computer if u want i will send u the circuit design at ur e-mail i know this is preety old post and may be u have already created one in that case we cud share our designs and see if we can better our approaches in any way.
    the software that controls the car has been designed in if u have done it in matlab or java please give me some info on it .i am currently trying to redevelop the software using java as it is platform independent.
    my email-id is

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    @niranjanjoshi :
    Why cant you post the circuit here instead of sending to people by email??

    And yes, you cannot make an application like this platform independent. It is because, the hardware is very much platform dependent.
    .... I didnt do it ! ....

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