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Thread: HT12A available in chennai?

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    Default HT12A available in chennai?

    hi guyz,

    can someone tell me if HT12A and HT12D ics which are used in infrared communication circuits are available in chennai. i read about it in some web page(
    if its not available plz suggest any other ic with same functionality.


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    Default HT12A available in chennai?

    Last I knew that these ic's are only used with rf modules.

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    Default Availability in chennai...

    I asked for HT12E and HT12D in ritchie street chennai. I think the shop name was globe electronics. It was available but the pricing was tooooo high. he asked Rs.350 for each. It is available for sale for Rs. 30 in . So I didnt buy it from him. You may try your luck for cheaper prices or just buy it from the web.

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