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Thread: when are arduino/freeduino usb boards launching

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    dont worry praneet... your arduino is few days away...will be launched soon.. thats what i heard...

    @Mgear... sanguino might be more powerful.. but it's double sided board takes up most of the price... who said that there will be NO sanguino? There will.. most one... just that you need to be bit patient.. RI has planned to launch RIduino at the moment... we might catch up with sanguino soon...

    ( do i sound like rao? )
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    Waiting for your reply

    Sorry, did not have any other option

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    i already got mine.. works like a charm.. there are few things that had to be corrected.. i have board v1 rao and vikas are working on v2.. plain awesomeness... will be posting video of it running blinkm tomorrow positively

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