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Thread: GSM Module (GSM modem with serial interface) in India.

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    Default GSM Module (GSM modem with serial interface) in India.


    I am working on a project to build a monitoring unit that will send information thro GSM network. I had started the project with an old Nokia 3310 (for Rs. 500/-) and PIC18F4550. Initially it worked ok. But towards the end of project, I am getting some issues related to the FBUS communication. In order to avoid all that, I am thinking to purchase GSM modules available in market that can be interfaced with microcontroller (PIC). The priceof those modules are about Rs.3000~ Rs.4000.

    Can anybody suggest me a cheaper source (about Rs.1500/-)? I would need 4 pieces.


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    Why don't you try SE T230/T290 phones, they support AT Command, and can be easily interfaced with a PIC Microcontroller.

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    OK. That is a good lead for me. Thanks.
    Since this model looks to be old one, I would search in the 2nd hand market. BTW, I have a SE W700i, which comes with USB connection for PC. But I doubt, it supports AT commands.

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    I am successful in working AT commands with my Nokia 3220 phone and Hyper terminal (CA-42 cable). I have done the following: -

    1. Successfully called another mobile from my mobile with AT command.
    2. Successfully sent SMS from my mobile with AT command.
    3. Successfully read SMS from my mobile with AT command.

    I have copied all screen shot. If some body interested, I can post it on the forum as well.

    My query right now: - I use the Phone (Nokia 3220) + PC. If I want to interface the phone to a microcontroller (PIC18F4520) and if I do it directly to the Phone and UART of MC, will it work?


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    As long as you have set the baud right.. I dont see why there should be any problems.


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    OK. Thanks. I am planning to strip the cable (CA-42) connecting PC an mobile, so that I can tap the commands that go to mobile, on an oscilloscope. That way, I will know the exact signals. Later, if I copy the same signal and feed from microcontroller to mobile, it should work. By tapping the signal, I can get info about baud rate used, voltage level and the commands.

    Any better suggestions, please let me know.

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    My SE T230 worked even with a USB to Serial Coverter, when i ran out of ports in the laptops and i had a DRS-11 serial cable for T230, it worked very well. I have heard that Nokia 3220 supports AT commands as well, and if you are planning to skip the essential voltage converters in between, you may want to check the maximum allowable voltage level for TX and RX of the phone. You will need to add simple resistors to reduce the voltage. Best of luck

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    pls send me the code

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    this might be helpful

    but it does not meet your price demands
    Sudarshan Anbazhagan,
    SuperBotics MultiTech Pvt. Ltd.

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    Hey my friend you can find low cost GSM/GPRS modem wt RS232 interface r wt usb interface at roland electronics in hyderabad for Rs2500 only......

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