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    Lightbulb indian reprap

    hey guys,

    yesterday while surfing the net i stumbled upon reprap and it's brother cupcake cnc .since,there is ;lot of activities being taking place at Ri as a collaboration .so,why not make our own custom 3d printer that can print from gears to pulleys and either can be used for pcb milling and a lot many applications(guys at reprap are making a solution to build their own 3d printer that can print food,they have been successful with it using sugar based product).so,how's the idea ,please reply ur comments regarding this topic.lastly,i wanna say this project is fully OPEN SOURCED,so it would not be much trouble to make our one too.all comments are a welcome.guys,here is the link for the website where there r instructions to make ur own too but it may be a costly affair for a individual to make one all by himself.

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