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Thread: DC push type solenoids

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    Quote Originally Posted by robu_com View Post
    but what exactly do u need it 4..... ev
    !. It'll be nice if you can please read the OPs posts carefully ( meaning several times) before you post a reply.
    2. If you know how to make a solenoid, please tell the OP, in detail , how to make it. It will help us too, since we have failed to make/ use a solenoid for this job several times in our life.
    3. It will be even more nice if you can combine all your posts into 1 single post, instead of posting 0.5 line replies several times.
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    Before going to solenoid ,check it up how much impact you need. Applied mechanics book may help you.
    Pushing a 50g ball upto a 6 meter ! much difficult.

    if you still wanna to do it. purchase cheaper Ting-Tong door bell, Replace a coil with bigger dia and try it out.

    Stiil i suggest use DC motor , and spring as enegy storer and release it with proper guide. Imagine a bullet going out of gun by spring.
    Make and keep it simple, and increase the reliability

    You need this book for electromagnetic devises info including solenoid

    "Electromagnetic Devices" by Herbert C. Roters


    Solenoids, Electromagnets and Electromagnetic Windings by Charles Reginald Underhill

    unfortunately i don't have it for sharing
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