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Thread: A very Good Site.

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    Its not just the GUI. Its a programmer with a GUI Interface (unlike avrdude which is CLI based). The programmer also has a full USB Burning engine built in!

    I agree that it can support only USB programming not Serial Port or Parallel Port Programmers like avrdude. Also avrdude is much older program and developed by many people. But I alone develop eXtreme Burner-AVR.
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    Hey Hey
    When i started the post i didn't knew what it'll turn.

    Although I've missed a lot. I completely agree with what Nivedita is talking about.
    Redefine it your way!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rahuljin View Post
    in india, very few people are hobbyists. most of the people are interested in robotics for their college projects only. therefore when it comes to contribution, very few are there
    Yes Rahul i'm here also agree with you that many students only interested in robotics at college level projects only not more after that.

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    Hi Everyone ,
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