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Thread: ASIC or FPGA????

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    Default ASIC or FPGA????

    While reading i came across both the terms.So, What the difference between both & which is better for industry???
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    ASICs are Application Specific ICs. They are similar in construction to FPGAs in the sense that both are gate arrays. However, FPGAs can be (field) programmed by a design engineer at his/her end much like what you do with a microcontroller. ASICs cannot. An ASIC once designed cannot be reprogrammed or reconfigured. ASIC usually have all the hardware needed, like memory, logic units, processor, LCD drivers etc. so the hardware cost per unit may be lower once the ASIC is designed and fabbed, but the development costs are enormous. They make sense in stuff that sells like a zillion units per annum - mobile phones, digital cameras, printers, etc.

    FPGAs may cost more per unit, but are cheaper to design on and allow redesign, but do not have peripherals - memory, etc. have to be added extra. Basically they implement logic functions. Applications areas could be doing specific jobs in larger products, like handling DSP functions in a bigger system, heavy duty computing and number crunching like in cryptography.

    which is better for industry???
    Usually depends on the cost... (No of units x Per unit cost) + Design Cost
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    ASIC is nothing but Application Specific IC ... a 555 is a ASIC so is a op amp to put in very simple terms. They are application specific , made for solving a specific problem.
    FPGA's on other hand are reprogrammable .... like micro controllers, they can be programmed to do what u want.
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