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Thread: Sharp GP2Y0D810Z0F Digital Distance Sensor

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    that was rude.
    You have some stuff at your shop, fine. You have a good article, fine. But you cant simply use words with *** and say other stuff sucks. I have used the same sensor from robokits long time back, and it has worked, if used properly.

    People struggle with everything including IR sensors, and every one does. Dont tell me you havent struggled at all when you started learning.
    and If you want to project your article, just post the direct link to it. other lines are unnecessary.
    .... I didnt do it ! ....

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    Lightbulb digital out

    Quote Originally Posted by avinash_g View Post
    Hey guys don't pull your hair and struggle to get a simple IR Obstacle detection working!

    Nor do buy s**king products from Robokits

    Sit back relax and enjoy this article!

    I bet you will have a IR Obstacle Detection working in NO time!!!
    does you sensor give digital out.
    i have to use adc for your sensor which again a change in program and turnng vref pot and more
    but i do like the article you publish avinash.

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    No need to use Vfer POT. Vref is fixed at 5v and trigger is made using software.

    I think Robokits should have published the schematic and design guideline so that people could have made it themselves instead of buying. (If they really want to help the community)

    About struggling:
    I simply love it. It give a kind of addiction to me!
    Avinash Gupta

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    LOL one shop cussing out another, what else is new. Only because of the lax legal system. This could have fetched me some money out of a defamation lawsuit if I was robokits and NOT in India. Please learn or google for something called maturity Avinash. Will help you a lot in the longer run.
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