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Thread: job in robotics companies...

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    @shashak: sir you are right, people wants to be associated with robotics field bcoz its looks cool or other things but in my case i can only say that i haven't done my engg. just to get a good job or to be just associated with the robotics.....sir its my passion to be an engg. and about robotics field, i have done my engg. from electronics and communication field just bcoz of robotics...
    i m not like others to get a job & done useless work to get money, i want to work for my own happiness and to work for my country and mankind........
    & about the more skills i have give the GATE exam for M.TECH. but unfortunately i haven't got cleared that exam thats why i m trying to get a job for one year otherwise i m going for "Advance diploma in real time embedded system" from thinkslab......

    if u have any suggestion for me than please give it to me.......

    @shobhit:sir i have worked on lots of mini project for them i don't have any certificate but i have worked on my major project of B.Tech. that is a robot with cellphone operated and can find any obstacle placed in its path (using ultrasonic sensors) and than it also can pick that obstacle from the path and place it at appropriate place.......
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    I am interested switch my job from educational institute to robotic company/ industry. what are criteria for that?

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    Thumbs up A company which works in Robotics from Hyderabad.

    Quote Originally Posted by shekhu View Post
    hello frnds.....

    i m a pass out in 2010 and i m looking for a job in a robotics company......

    i have great skills in embedded systems........

    will you plz give me some good companies name in which i can apply for a job.........

    plz help me guys...........

    Hai, if you have no problem with working anywhere in India, I have a company for u in Hyderabad. The website is Go through for details..........

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    Enough time has been passed so can you please tell me did you get any job yet or are you still searching for.

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    Default Great jobs in robotics

    Hello Shekhu,
    I could suggest you to consult They have great jobs in mobile robotics like auv, uav and ugv. Maybe you will find something in your location.

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    Nice find.
    Vikas Patial

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