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Thread: Robokits copied product discription for omni wheel from nex robotics

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    We test product for quality use it ourselves and only then sell it in the market.
    Our omni wheels are actually used in our robots with proven track record.

    Check this product link:

    These omni bots are being used by TIFR, DRDO and Army and Few IITs for R&D.

    These wheels are sold as spares for our robots. Made from ecofriendly materials and of EU and US origins.

    Our robots and accessories are meant for professionals researchers and because of this we maintain quality and consistency in materials. If you check after 3 years you will still find the same wheels available online at same price. This assurance in consistent availability of spares for robots and tested performance with good quality justifies higher costs.

    Check all the products on NEX. They are unique and of high quality. At present 65% products are ROHS, PCBs are gold / silver plated. Compare development board prices with other companies they are the lowest despite of high quality standards.

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    everyone test those things before producing them in market.When it comes for this wheels their shows some difference however you both havent mention the material that manufactured.

    nex robit robokits

    Outer Diameter: 40mm ------------ 61mm
    Bore (hole) diameter: 8mm ------------- 6.2 mm
    Hub: 29mm ----------------- 44 mm
    Number of rollers:8 -------- 8
    Weight: 33gms -------- 100 gms
    Load capacity: 6.8Kg ------------- 5 kgs
    price 1210.50 ------------- 800 rs

    A bicycle can be bought at the rate of this 3 wheels.As for students what they can do when they are not available in market.Why you were worrying about your products when you havent invented them.
    Both of you not mention the material used for manufacturing.

    In the mean time their would be many more companies that can come online.Every month their would be a new company because if someone finds profitable with that business then he will do.You are not going to fight with every business

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    I guess you are drifting from the topic. Thread was about the copying the text.

    I have opened this topic only because tomorrow somebody should not say that NEX Robotics has copied text from Robokits.

    Regarding your justification for copying the text:
    Check the text again. NEX has used text from free open source website. Tailor made to describe the product in good way. Here comes the robokits and copy exact text from NEX Robotics and not from wiki.

    Do you think it is appropriate if I copy design and codes of your development board / product down to the last detail just because there might be 200+ companies in Mumbai who can make such board, then say ‘Hay its open market and you have not invented the technology and hence I am free to copy it’ as justification.

    Look around, At present there are 10+ robotics companies in INDIA and nobody is copying materials or products even if they are easy to make. Every one try to make better product than other and offer at better price. That’s the sprit of the open market.

    Regarding the price vs specifications: (I am repeating your last three lines)

    NEX vs. Robokits.
    Weight: 33gms -------- 100 gms
    Load capacity: 6.8Kg ------------- 5 kgs
    price 1210.50 ------------- 800 rs

    NEX omni wheel weight rating are already de-rated by root 2 while putting on the website. Actually NEX omni wheesl can take 10 kgs weight. Wheel offered by nex is 3 times lighter and can take twice the weight. Our products are meant for robotics researchers who need high performance products.

    Regarding the materials:
    You can buy wheels from both of them and check them for the quality and materials and write on the fourms.

    Regarding the high price:
    Ask any expert on price involved in making good dies for injection moulding (not hand olding), setup charges for production, time require for return of investments.

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    I am neither trying to change the topic and before reading this thread i posted another thread for omini can read it here .I have asked because you may open another thread that i copied your products if we manufacture omini wheels.but i am not yet decided on them to do.

    Robokits are selling products but i cant get understood why they dont have $1 to get an article for the produc ?

    Its an easy way to change design of boards.Its just like your wheels have different sizes.

    For materials : i believe it would be ABS since the colors and images shows.So the price would be around 50 rs as for my guess.

    Price :
    I know the price for injection moulding dies and setup fees etc
    A die cost starts 15000 for injection moulding and setup fees will be their and you have to take more pieces.
    One need to use injection moulding for large quantities not small but the quality is good since the die parts are under the machine and controlled by the machine

    I understood that you have calculated for your profit and recover the amount you spended and it is good to hear that you told.


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