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Thread: Name your Price for these robo kits. !!!

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    Default Name your Price for these robo kits. !!!

    I was going through this--

    And was wondering how much would I spend to buy that.

    And then, going through other online shops and all, I found some of the kits were a bit over priced. I have bought any of those robot kits, Nor do i plan to buy one, but people who have bought already can review with pics, and that would benefit the community a lot.

    Looking at these kits, I wonder how much you guys will buy it for...

    1) Robokits :: Qbot :: Site price:: 2800

    2) Nex robotics :: Free bird :: Site price :: 16,875

    3) TRI :: AVR ibot :: Site price :: 2800

    4)TRI :: Micromouse :: Site price 3775

    5)EFY :: SOme DIY :: Site price :: 3000

    For a start, I would price the
    Robokits bot at about 2000,
    The nex bot at about 12k,
    AVR bot at about 1.5K,
    The micromouse at 2.2k,
    and the Kits and spares one at about 700, assuming it has a lead acid battery and some Controller board.

    For the other robots,
    the 3pi

    I would lve to buy it for about 3.5K INR

    and the for the Asuro
    I did not find the specs.

    Whats your call, guys??
    .... I didnt do it ! ....

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    Partially agree with you :
    Kits n spares would be around 1.5K because it has battery,motors,Uc & RF module.

    Micro mouse would be 2.4K
    Redefine it your way!!!!

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    Robokits - Rs 2000
    Nex - Rs 5000
    TRI - Rs 1500 - 1800 either one
    Kits and spares - Its a crime to sell such things
    Vikas Patial

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