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Thread: MC68HC11 in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad??

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    Default MC68HC11 in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad??

    Hi Roboticists,
    Can anybody tell me where I can get motorola microcontroller
    MC68HC11A1FN or
    MC68HC11E1FN or
    in Bangalore, Chennai or Hyderabad. I am desperately in need of them. I will be really greatful to anybody who can give me the address of the shop where I can get them. I am planning to use them for my robot, which i am building for final sem project.

    Thank you


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    Thi isnt in B'lore ,but in mumbai

    however,be careful,the shop where i got mine from had most prbably ripped the micros from other boards,bcause marks were visible..
    i had to replace it once.Cost is around Rs 400.You may phone them

    2,Yamuna Building,Tara temple Lane,
    Off Lamington Road.
    Tel:2382 6278

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