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Thread: how to buy from ri shop

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    how many days it will take ?
    you will start shipping immediately after your moving is done in whole india?
    what will be shipping charges

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    Vikas, sorry for troubling you
    It's a great news indeed. You could have replied to my mail and it could have spared some desperate emails and messages on my part

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    when it will open, please tell us. I dont have unlimited time.
    reply on orkut or here. please.

    We are here to hand you money and we cant get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by karandex View Post

    We are here to hand you money and we cant get it.
    So, why dont you take it Vikas ??

    @karandex !

    Selling involves a lot of Rules and Regulations that must be followed for Legal trade practice in a country. RI does not believe in 'bending the rules' of the country in this matter for the RI shop. A lot of official processes must be cleared for this purpose. One cannot set-up a national sales outlet overnight. While understanding your urgency, there is an impersonal constraint at the moment and will be resolved as soon as the Official red-tape of the Govt. is solved by the concerned departments.
    Please be patient ....
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    can i get idea of how many days or months it will take ?
    Is it possible you sell it as you said by email(urgent).

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    I wonder what that SO rare product that RI shop is hosting. Dude as been said by mods of shop there is some technical diffuclities so you should take as it is. If you are in so urgent need why are you waiting, save time instead of money.
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