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Thread: Not much activity on RI these days

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    Default Alive and well

    Quote Originally Posted by asimov_18 View Post
    Any old members alive?

    How is it going Asimov ?

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    I miss this forum. It had some really brilliant people contributing in questions and answers.

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    Hi Shobhitkukreti!!
    I remember you....I am good how are you? I too miss the old times when there were lots of activity here!!!
    Then I guess we started getting too stern with novice members and also novice members used to ask silly question and help
    like give me code for this and that and eventually people start leaving!!!

    The only saving grace has been I am working as an electronics engineer so I am still doing what I loved!!!


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    Hi Asimov,
    I am doing good. I ended up getting a Masters from Carnegie Mellon and then got a job as a computer engineer. It is not a lot of prototyping work. I work on android kernel, memory management stuff. I remember meeting Docel in Bangalore once. I saw his workshop where undergrads were working.

    Well, we tried to cultivate a culture of people working hard to figure out stuff. Novices wanted everything easy and then they drifted away when seniors did not want to answer stupid questions any longer. What happened to the robotics india store ?

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    Here !
    ...and kicking :-P
    Maybe we must keep writing without expecting.
    I think I will try that, after a long sabbatical.
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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    Kids are too lazy these days. Too too lazy for forums at least.

    its Facebook groups these days, reduced to sharing videos and getting kicks out of watching them, rather than making them.

    And then, there is this new breed of so called makers. Sad.
    .... I didnt do it ! ....

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