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Thread: Analog to Digital converter types

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    Default Analog to Digital converter types

    can any one tell me or good tutorial link or site which can explain me more detail about different ADC types, construction, timing constrints, best one which can be used with microconrollers.


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    We've discussed ADCs before

    Some of the types

    -> flash/semi flash(hi-speed)
    ->SARs(med frequencies)
    ->Integration types(for low freq/DC values)

    Just to get you started you can try these ICs

    ADC 0804/0808/0809,MAX152 which are 8 bit types bu have diff. no.of channels

    They're very simple to use....very little can possibly go wrong with them

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    Default ??

    Murugan dude..

    Most microcontrollers have built in ADC modules ( e.g. the mega series of the Atmel microcontrollers)


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    these are some ADCs I have breadBoarded

    - ADC0820 it is by far the most stable ADC I have seen. !! Much better in speed compared to 0804/08 .
    -ADC1061 from national is good too.
    - max152 rocks it is so versatile that you can easily build a low frekwenzy response parallel port CRO around it.
    -ADS774 from texas is good.

    Ranjit Puri
    Vivekanand Engineering College

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    Quote Originally Posted by ranjit_puri

    - max152 rocks it is so versatile that you can easily build a low frekwenzy response parallel port CRO around it.
    Sorry I was Talking about the MAX153 not 152

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    MAX522 is another cool DAC... Works on simple 3 wire interface (serial yey for saving pins) it has 2 channels and is 8 bit ... Serial DAC's are a good trade off if you are looking for optimised design where your timing constrain is not too high (nano secs) and pins are rare to spare...

    On the other hand if you have pleanty of pins to spare and you need to use some really high speed DAC... go for the parallel port ones .. i am not sure but they will turn out to be cheaper too

    Just be a little careful while choosing your DAC... Some of the serial ones available are I2C bus compatible only which means your uC has to have a I2C bus or you cannot use the DAC... a normal 3 wire (clk, sda, scl) will not work unfortunately ....

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