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Thread: RC airplanes costly???

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    Question RC airplanes costly???

    Hi Experts,
    Can u help me to know ,if making a RC airplane is a costly project to start, since i know that it requires servo motors and a remote.
    So i want to know the approximate cost to make it and it wud be very helpful if u can point me some shops which offer the parts at reasonable prices.

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    RC is the costly hobby as most of it are not DYI project and dependent on readymade and kit stuff. Anyways you can try; a very active forum especially for these project.
    I hope admins are not raising eyebrows on me navigating user to another forum .

    P.S. : @robodam plz don’t write "Hi Experts" in your posts, as modest users hesitant to comment because of this and sound like you flattering someone.
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    It is not servo motors that makes it costly. Almost all of the components are costly.

    The motors, the battery, the remote, the speed controller, the body. Worse, you will lose them all if it falls down. Play around with a cheap heli toy.. these things are available at about 1.8K. then take your time and get into it.

    PM docel. He is into these things.
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