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Thread: Mehta brother is selling crap stuff!!!

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    Default Mehta brother is selling crap stuff!!!

    Hi Guys,
    Few days back I got some at89s52 from mehta brother LMR. to my surprise one of the chip is dead. When serial programming the chip signature cant be read and chip gets warm/hot. Also the other chip wasn't blank. Generally new chips are balnk when purchased. this chip wasnt blank!!! So this fellow is selling fake/used chips, on closer inspection the chips had scuffs and marks as that from use, buyer be carefull.


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    I have bought hundreds of chips from Mehta Bro's never had ur experience ... maybe bad luck.

    Though I had similar experience with Everest . Sold me dead L293d's which just heated when power was supplied. Last time i bought anything from them. Also heard some other people complaining about the same.
    Vikas Patial

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    i have from mehtas 1 2313

    no problem.....

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