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    Hi, could someone tell where i could buy Mecanum wheels in Iindia? I am from Chennai.
    I could only find sites for Omni wheels but none for Mecanum wheels. Thank you.

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    meccaum are not available in india and are available only with nex-robotics,iit-b as per my best knowledge.they are very costly. bettre import them from Kornlaynk (or something it) USA, it will cost you cheaper than Indian companies(including delievery charges). use US postal service, for fast and there will be no hassle from customs...
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    No kidding but you can make one, hint modify one of those BLDC fan impellers used in computer PSU fan. Their shape is like that of a macanum wheel, the impellers are at 45 degree angle. All that is needed is rollers attached to the blades using bearings. This is tricky but possible!!!!!

    One possibilty could be to use pinch rollers attached to these blades , In this case one wont need the bearings. ideas are comming to my mind while writing this post may be I will try this!!!

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    Hi Asimov, great idea.. worth a try... But few things are to be noted:

    1) The PSU fans are made of thin plastic, so practically they wouldnt be able to bare any load.
    2)The pinch rollers are perfect cylindrical, but for mecanum wheels the rollers need to be eleptical for better contact... atleast thats waht i think..

    keep posting your ideas and progress thanks.

    Oh check this link, its made out of sheetmetal and probably wooden rollers:

    few more (but these are too brittle but good ideas):

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    I had some PSU fans with thick plastic thats why i proposed it, most CPU fans are too fragile to try this, Working with metal requires some expertise not every one is comfortable with it.


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    Hi Asimov,
    Please keep posting your findings and experience, it would be helpful to many like me.
    Thank you.

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