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Thread: Over the top pricing for robot arms ... dont be fooled and Beware.

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    Default Over the top pricing for robot arms ... dont be fooled and Beware.

    Guys if you are looking for robot arms it is best to avoid Indian vendors and order directly from China . Indians guys are selling them so over priced that its not even funny. Now nex ( otherwise decently priced ) is selling Dagu arms at over the top prices so i thought ill make this post.

    Some Indian examples -

    Dexter Robot arm ( Rs 49 500 k )

    Servo driven Robotic Manipulator ( Rs 49 000 )

    I would recommend you directly buy from Dagu which makes good cheap robot arms , I was selling them some time back.

    It should cost you About Rs 12000 - 15000 , after shipping and duties have been paid . Costs about < Rs 10000 in bulk.

    Their arm is Ready to run out of the box .
    Vikas Patial

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    Usefull info. Make this post sticky or add to some page in blog or in the Buyers guide section.
    Avinash Gupta

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    Correction.... The Nex Robotics arm is sold at Rs 17,898. It has dual servos per axis (dagu has only one) which means twice the power. It comes with a handy GUI and motion control interface. It's been there from quite some time (approx a year or so).

    Fore more information refer....


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