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Thread: UAV Building Discussion

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    Default kya bolti re?

    Dear Jedi .........What r u saying yaar

    A small ckt would not even add 50gm to the weight......The plane weighs a mere 9 oz ( 250g)
    & the picture i saw was definately not was plastic.& was not engine powered

    Check this one out

    I'm not asking to make a flyer that is equvalent to a X-43 plane!

    Only to get ppl started!

    I still dont see the problem

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    Hello vidur,

    Like I said in my previous post, if you want to buy, go ahead.

    I said it once & I say it again... the material used is foam thermocole also called as "Styrofoam" (the spelling might vary).

    Please refer to the URL & my post, you'll see a lot of things that I said were similar.

    One more thing, when we're talking about Boeings or Airbuses, 50gms make no difference, but when we're talking about aeromodels, even 10gms can make or break your flight. Take my word for it, mate... I've seen it happen. Don't take my word for it, get a thermocole sheet, cut it in shape of the wing, attach any spare telescopic antenna as shown in the figure, get the C.G (Center of Gravity), put 50gms either in front of C.G or behind it, you'll see the difference.

    Before I leave, I'd like to get your attention towards a couple more things.
    1> The 2ch RC: The control lever on the left controls the throttle to the propellors (Full power or no power, you cannot adjust the amount of power sent to the motors).
    2> Absence of Alerons, Elevators & Rudder: Like I said, it has got only 2 channels of control; throttle & left/right turn through variator. It doesn't provide effective turning or manoverability of the model.

    Think a gazillion times before buying such things, unless you really want to learn under expert supervision or else, it's complete waste of your hard earned money.

    I'm sorry if I sounded rude, but I'd rather be rude & save somebody's money than be polite & let somebody waste their moolah.

    Best regards,

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    Oh, there are a couple of changes about my project...

    We're no longer using "Tyro" as ur aeromodel, neither we're using "OS 46FP" engine.

    We're using a yellow "Piper" & fitting it with "OS 52" engine.

    Professional pics are still awaited, things will be decided only after the trial run that we're hopefully taking tomorrow.


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    Here's the pic of what I'm talking about..

    Our model is yellow in color too, a lot more bigger than this plane, has gas engine mounted instead of DC motor & of course, made totally in Balsa wood, no styrofoam used.


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    Default Trying to build a plane soon

    hi people,
    even i have been wanting to build an RC plane from many years. but this year i have decided to get my first plane in air. i have started to learn about aerodynamic concepts, possible materials, radio components for control and also motors and may be servos for controlling the flaps ailerons rudder and maybe horizontal stabilizers. the problem is i know nothing about electronics so u guys have to help me with that. at first try i am not trying to put a video transmitter and gps tracking or even gyroscopes. i just want to get airbourne atlest.
    can you guys help me with these questions..
    where to find basic radio transmitters/recievers with about 50 meters range and about 4 channels . (or is there a way to control many components with few channels??? ) also how much small can they be coz they have to be as light as possible.

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    Default ?

    India Hobby Centre, chennai.
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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