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Thread: RTOS/uCOS/framework for a startup ...

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    Default RTOS/uCOS/framework for a startup ...

    Guys im looking for a RTOS/uCOS framework which will speed up devlopment in embedded systems mainly uC's without MMU ( so linux,ce,arduino variants are out ), mainly Cortex 3 and variants.

    I did search and find a lot of them.

    Im looking for something with modular architecture and comes with basic HAL interfaces, and a micro graphics library if possible.

    Commercial ones with low cost of entry if worth it are welcome. Here are some ideas which im having about some , if wrong please correct me ..

    uCos - Free for personal ( 5000 USD for commercial ) , too exp.
    FreeRTOS - Small , free for commercial ( BSP come with commercial version ) ... dont want to write BSP's
    QNX - too exp
    ChiBIOS/RT - Liked it but , one person team, too new ...
    .net Micro framework - Has most of the things i want , but not for commercial as 2 year run time of burned app,some really great graphics ( netduino uses it )
    TNKernal - Only a kernel , has Nano-X Gui ... but just a kernal
    Contki - most stuff i want , needs more research from my side
    eCos - needs looking into
    eLua- Scripting platform, mainly a framework , most work is already done ... your programs are scripts. Needs to be explored

    If any of you have used/experienced any i would love to listen to you ...
    Vikas Patial

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    What series of MCUs are you looking into ?

    I would recommend RTEMS, and uClinux.
    But you need to ensure if there is good community and also professional (if required to invest) support for your chosen processor family.
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