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Thread: Digging Mechanism

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    Yes I am working on that.............. and the coins are wooden so electromagnets would not work...........

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    Is not making a excavator like the one in the video quite complex?? I am making one like:

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    No, infact it is very easy.......... use hydraulics for d bucket and you can precisely control the motion.......

    when it comes to hydraulics.... be creative.....for queries regarding hydraulics keep me posted,

    Be Creative................

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    Hi shiladitya,

    I have read the requirement, and there are quite a few interesting suggestions floated by ppl.
    How I would picture the whole design is to make the control easy and drive mechanism simple for the user. This reduces lots of hassle, and allows you to concentrate on the task on hand.

    Have a look at this video.

    How I would picture you incepting your design is something like this.
    Design the Loader vessel such that its open entry end is facing outwards, unlike the one in the design. This would enable you to stay clear of the land that you unearth, thereby avoiding toppling of the flags accidentally.
    For precise control of the loader mechanism, make use of servo motor. You can either use a microcontroller board to control the whole machine (all the motors), or make use of timer circuit to control the servo. If you want to avoid using servo, make use of a low RPM DC motor.

    Design the Loader vessel with a hexagonal mesh (hexagon side dimension >=19 mm). This would allow you to filter the sand/pebbles, thus uncovering the coin.

    Last and a very important aspect of the design, make use of a vibrator motor attached to the Loader vessel. This would enable you to vessel through sand/pebbles on the go thereby retaining the coins in the vessel. Ensure that the dimensions of the loader is justifying (big enough so as not to miss/displace the coin while digging and small enough to maneuver without toppling things around).

    Best of luck!!

    Rohan Soni
    (Robosoft Systems)

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    I have seen and studied the moon digger bot whose video uou have posted. Yes infact i am doing that. But i am buliding a classical shovel but for precise control i am using hydraulics. also yes i am doing holes in the loading bucket for filtering the sand.
    for hydraulics i am using normal injection syringes whch are paired via saline pipe . the injection is pushed by a motor with a worm gear and a spur gear assembly to transfer perpendicular motion.

    Thank You.


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