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Thread: Robokits Review

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    Quote Originally Posted by doors666 View Post
    I am the latest one to burn my fingers with these guys.

    ordered a 2560 r3. shipping was fast, packaging was good. the problem was that I wanted an original arduino and he sent me a clone. This is when his site says arduino R3, images show orignal R3, sent an email along with the order asking for the original and not clone, he still sent me a clone. Now I have to struggle with their stupid customer service to try to get a refund. dang!!!
    There are many more companies claiming to sell arduino's showing off the original's images and sell all duplicate stuff...I was a beginner and as suggested by one of the members here at Robotics india, i bought an eNTuino - Arduino compatible from entesla. I must say that its a way better deal than the original Arduino itself. Besides they dont show off fake images and have had no problems with shipping too.

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    i have recently ordered a wireless remote 4-channel controller from them.All that they gave me was a PS2 joystick with some ireelevant functions than what they had promised in their manual.I press one button and some other channel works and sometimes no signals are itself transferred and too much delay i have wait for 5 seconds before i can expect any reaction from the receiver side.Waste of my money worth 3000 including courier chargers.MY best advice dont buy from them they are planned cheaters.Their packing was too poor.Upon asking for a replacement for faulty product they put blame entirely on me and said that i must be carefull while i unpack them. stupid people.after that there was no response from them.Now the remote is not at all working and i had to throw it away without even using it once.My best advice never buy from ROBOKITS INDIA. BETTER THROW AWAY YOUR MONEY INTO GUTTER than to give it to such guys.

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    BLACK LISTING ROBOKITS from my list.

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