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Thread: which simulator to use

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    Default which simulator to use

    I just started to programming atmega8515

    I started with avrstudio4.0

    But I am facing problems with

    rcall, brts

    can you tell any other good assembler

    Even the delay I am getting on simulator and practically are very much different

    can anyone solve this probs

    Can anyone give some beginner programms to start with

    Thanxs in advance

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    Default ditto

    i am facing the same problem on my atmega8515L
    I think it has got something to do with the internal oscillator,
    which possibly runs at a lower frequency and the compiler does all calculations assuming some higher frequency (4MHz by default).
    same with the simulator.

    can anyone tell me how to do the fusebit settings to use an exernal crystal? or better still can i make some settings so that the internal clock itself works at higher freq? the programmer's s/w does not have any option for setting the fuse bits.

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