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Thread: Efxkits Setting a bad trend !!??

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    Question Efxkits Setting a bad trend !!??

    Hey folks,

    I am new to the forum. I would like to share some insight about few companies in India that spread a wrong message. The one i recently came across was

    I see that a majority of the people in INDIA and neighboring countries are spoon fed with ready stuff discouraging the students to explore stuffs on their own. EFXKITS has taken this to a new high!!... they provide a complete ready made solution to the students at HEFTY prices. Well people may say that they also provide a DIY version of the same but if you look at the prices you will be shocked!!... the same composition of the kit if purchased from other vendors like and similar ones can cost you pretty less besides open an opportunity to explore alternate solution for the system.

    For example take this particular project:

    The project barely cost 500-700 Rs. but taking the advantage of a student's limit of knowledge he charges a shocking price starting from 2850/- to 4950/- The exact cost depends on the form you want the kit in. Since a ready working solution is present a student tends to go for the end learning nothing out of it. Besides not enjoying the fun of doing things by exploring he never gets him self interested in electronics. He ends up doing a relatively easier software job. I personally appeal the members of the community to come forward and share your thoughts about this. and how we can spread awareness about electronics and the passion and fun behind it.

    For newbies reading this... I would suggest you to explore things on your own and stay away from such ready stuffs. It kills your creativity. The below companies in India are doing some really good stuff by designing rapid prototyping tools for your projects. You have the web to explore have these companies contributing to help you out do new stuffs. Few of these companies also provide you excellent support and guide you through your project.

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    The ecosystem will always have parasites , They are doing nothing new , there are many such sites and in Delhi Janakpuri and LRM has shops which do this only.

    Till Colleges do not straightaway flunk students when buying / copying projects things not much is going to happen. Maybe write to Kapil Sibbal .
    Vikas Patial

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    Academic dishonesty needs to be taken more seriously by everyone ... institutions, parents, employees

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    Besides we need to encourage people in DIY projects than spending money on workshops run by every college passout....

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    In my school a group of students went to a electronics store and bought a ready made robot which did only one thing and that was it avoided objects(i.e object avoider). The students presented the robot in science model competition whenever anyone asked them any question they were unable to answer but they said they got the robot for rs5000 But on seeing it anyone with very little technical knowledge can say it would be nearly rs 500. The shop are cheating them. and they are killing competition although I won The competition.

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