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Thread: Is Delhi brain dead ???

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    Default hi

    hi iam from delhi, i have had my bot running for last 1 month. just waiting for some competitions

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    Well m frm delhi too ,
    m into industrial automation and worked with industrial robos.
    But when i was in collage i haven't had much fun with embeded n robotics coz of money the biggest issue, parts avaibility.

    But nowdays me n my friend adarsh use to hav fun with embeded n robotics.
    wanna see u all in person guys.

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    is there any Robotics workshop like in delhi where i can join to learn
    Knowledge Is Power Share It

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    Default It's going to be dead anyway

    Well I feel, even if it's not dead now but electronics AKA: robotics is suffering in India. There is no reliable source from which you can get good passives at honest cost. (Don't tell me to go buy and sell page, I have been there). And those dealer there, they don't have any idea what they are dealing with. They just know they sell some small small things and take customers on a ride. You will see, faces when you ask for QFN, SOIC, SMD components. Here you can get a capacitor of a COKE CAN size but not an SMD one. The only source I found to get good parts is at, but I think they know that they are the only one. Some of their parts are 30 - 200 times costly than actual. Like you can get a QFN header board for 35 rupees but they sell it like 2500.

    Anyway it's good to get around with you people. And to add with, I work for a few electronic manufacturers for their web developments. So Incase anyone from Noida, Delhi need some components from TI, Freescale, Microchip, Analog let me know. If I will have some extra stuff out of prototypes, I will happily provide for free. Or may be we can work together in our free time.



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    Default meetup in Diwali??

    Are you guys really going to meet in Diwali holidays??

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