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    In the article My First Robot:
    the circuit seems to be contradictory or may be not. in the list 4 IN4148 diodes r listed. now from the circuit, there are only 2, if i make them 4 by making the circuit twice, then other components will also be 2 in no. & the other must be 4 in no. & when i make the other components 4 by making the shown circuit 4 times then the no. of IN4148 diodes become 8 or what to do?PLZ Help! & also help me understand the relay to motor connection.

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    hi man

    so ur have started trying, see hte first part is that the car has 2 motors ok
    for controlling 1 motor u need 2 set of ckts ie., for controlling 2 motors u need 4 sets of ckts
    each set will receive a data input from pc.
    i think i am clear if not u can contact me at

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