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Thread: Plug n' play prototyping

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    Cool Plug n' play prototyping

    Bread board loose contacts frustrate. Vero (dot) board soldering is frustrate! Why not have pre-soldered breakout modules for everything. The modules will come with pre-crimped cables for easy interfacing to each other. Rapid prototyping can be done using this approach.


    reduces soldering effort as it is already done on the breakout

    reduces eye strain of designing/modifying prototype PCBs

    Any opinions guys?

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    Many people have already done something similar

    A lot of kits like mindstorm ,vex etc follow this approach
    Vikas Patial

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    There is a difference though:

    1 - Modules will come with cables grouped and crimped as per headers for a given board, not individual wires to be bought seperately
    2 - Modules will be available even for a basic IC like 555, 4060, 7805 etc.
    3 - Cost of each module will be very low below Rs.500.00: Eg. Atmel AT89S5x ISP programmer breakout - Rs.250.00 with software for Linux/Window$, AT89S5x Generic Board (with IC) - Rs.200.00
    4 - Modules will be made as per custom requests to enhance and enlarge the kit

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    ASKI, do you plan to open an online robotics workshop

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