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Thread: 3.3v to 5v level shifter

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    I don't agree.
    One should not blame the system "only". one cannot.
    students need to do their part, and learn to improve and work hard, even with poor system. then they will know the value of good vs bad system, and when that hard working generation grows into decision making adults, they will change the system.
    I am not saying that our older generation is not hardworking, its just that they haven't seen the competition and flat world we see now. plus the desire to make our country a developed, industrial dynamic work house was missing, because people are contended with basic needs being, (or working towards basic needs first.)

    I would like quote, with minor change - that "ask not what your country can do for you..."
    but ask what you can do for the country and yourself.
    the sooner you understand, that one cannot go around blaming the "system" and not doing their hardwork the better for them.
    They say, even God doesnt help those who dont help themselves, then the system is just a bunch of humans.

    Don't even think that I am lecturing because I can, but I am because I have seen all aspects, - of the system, the students and also endured that.
    I was in a BE college where my teachers cleared their doubts in private with me, and all you can complain about missing facilities, and labs etc, it was all there.
    but I still cannot blame them completely for the bad engineers churned out.
    the zeal to work hard was missing.
    genius is 99% sweat, and 1% luck.

    and i can lecture it all, idealistic nonsense for some, because i believe it all.
    I dont answer any posts asking for the complete circuits or solutions if I see that the poster has not done any homework.
    Yours was answered, because you did some work, found alternative chips, and tried to find them in market.
    Now, hopefull u see the difference, and stop sympathizing with those who dont put in their 18hrs a day.

    anyway, enough digression.
    yes, the bjts will work, if you didnt already figure that out.
    you will need to correct the logic by inversion (again same bjt inverter) though.

    good luck
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    " To get working ideas effectively, I try to fail as fast as I can. "
    Richard Feynman

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    True Vivek, students do not want to study B.Tech for quest of knowledge. The stamp is a mere passport for a good future and an IT company. I am currently the project guide of few students in their final year, and it was painful to see that they could not differentiate between a buffer and a diode symbol, or a battery and a capacitor symbol. Although these students came from a some good college with decent marks.

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    I can also say the same , Ive stopped taking trainees under me ... for ex - ECE Guys cannot read a resistor. Dont know how transistors work ... or how to use them. Yet all are placed at leading companies.
    Vikas Patial

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    Have you considered using a 3.3V uC instead ? 89LV51RD2 for example ?
    Nice to see that people still bash the education system.In India getting a job in a corporate is a cakewalk if you can do two languages well : English and C.Its a stepping stone to the final destination in sales or management ( supervision and follow up).

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