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Thread: Pc operated wireless camera car project for sale(complete project ready)

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    Default Pc operated wireless camera car project for sale(complete project ready)

    hi i m niranjan joshi i have completed MSc computer sci. from mumbai university and i have developed a pc operated wireless car with camera.
    i want to sell it
    i will provide the following things:
    1)completely assembled hardware and tested software ie. completely ready working project.

    2)complete documentation for the project ready to print and submit

    3)detailed PPT for presentation of project(40+ slides)

    4)i will explain the whole project with circuits,programs and hardware .

    5)i will guide about theory subjects involved embedded concepts etc in detail

    6)will guide about project submission and presentation especially if u r from mumbai university

    7)will take mock presentation of the project exam

    8)will provide e-books and other material about the hardware and software for reference and research and especially for the software pat of microcontroller

    if intrested contact me at niranjanjoshi.2288@gmail .com

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    This post will be deleted .

    I would never recommend anyone buying project or selling them , as i find them unethical.
    Vikas Patial

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    Angry Delete this post!

    @ Vikas: I totally agree!

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    hey i think u got me wrong i am not giving away the project to person who will just buy it and submit it blindly!
    as i mentioned i will give guidance and train the person for the project as there is no one to guide in college
    also i know the ordeal i went through making my projects and i had to sacrifice i theory marks as did not get enough time to study and at the end even in the project i got same marks as others who had taken project from somewhere.
    it is ok if u think it as unethical please go ahead and delete it not a problem will not post such threads again sorry if i have hurt anyone!

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    why do wanto sell the project? Not getting good marks in theory for devoting more time in projects is good as long as the project is learning experience. Theory is crap in real life. R u selling this project to support urself? do you have a job?


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    no i donot have a job because i am going to apply for a phd in IIT and for that i am preparing for GATE till then i am planning to give such guidance to students who otherwise do not get it in colleges especially in mumbai.I am not selling this project to gain profit in fact i wud luv if someone wud come up with some modifications i will help him/her do it in my project and then they can submit it in college. I have created a basic design people cud modify it for special purpose. the only cost i am going to charge is that of the hardware the transmitter board and the receiver board.thats it. i donnot want to gain profit from it. But surely i will gain a lot of experience as a project guide.
    of-course students will not go to a person as a project guide whom they dont even know and that's the reason for that catchy title.

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    can you mail me your resume(with all completed projects details and videos) at . Mention robotics India as the subject line. I am working for someone at IIT Bombay. We are looking for people how have hands on and are keen to work.


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    Default Its not that unethical

    I am agree with Vikas,
    But I wud like to explain why Niranjan's point is not wrong.

    I am a final yr B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Student at SRMS college Bareilly(UP) of UP Technical university(UPTU). 90% Students of UPTU buy projects from shops at janakpuri ND. Its not 'coz they are so dumb but due to the education system in such colleges in which our HOD sees 'how big' is your project or is there a 'LCD' in it. The marks are almost equal for those 90% and rest of the 10%.

    The faculties are even more dumb than students as for practical knowledge is concerned.Project guides are just for asking questions at vivas.

    I have sold about 10 projects to my classmates but let me explain why its not wrong. Consider a simple DTMF based cellphone operated robot. I sold it for 3000 which is available for 5000-8000 at Janakpuri, New Delhi. I just dont sell it, I explain programing to a group member who is interested, i let him do the soldering after a lil demo. i explain everything at ground level. I reply every question at every time they ask.
    Now if i thought its unethical in anyway to sell a project. They will buy it for 5000 without knowing anything.

    I believe if you want to clean a mud you have to make your hands dirty.

    i have NOT done any course/workshop for robotics/embedded but i had bought my first soldering iron and multimeter in 9th standard. I learned from tutorials, forums and EFY. So for i have sold following projects between Rs. 2000-3000 (Using Atmega8, PIC 16F72, PIC 16F877A) to my class-mates.
    >Edge/ Obstacle avoider
    > Color Follower (LDR+RGB led)
    >Automatic Voltage regulator(16F72+Relays+Stabilizer Transformer)
    >DTMF controlled robot
    >Prepaid Energy meter (DTMF+IVRS APR9600)
    >IR wireless DC motor speed control
    >Triac based Three phase induction motor speed control with rpm counter
    (Not available anywhere at projects shops at New Delhi)

    One suggestion to Niranjan
    It would be better if you also provide a DIY kit with a video demo.

    I value the senior member's opinions and ethics but we can not just ignore the ground reality. What about one of my class mate who does not like technology/engineering, hardly know anything practical. But he is topper, placed in several companies 'coz he is just excellent in cramming books, apti(RS Agarwal ) and similar things. Such students just take admission in B Tech 'coz Btech graduates are offered better salaries.

    India is full of such students... then how can we stop the project selling. Its possible only by creating interests in students by better education system and good workshops(something beyond the fee and certificate).

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    @mcufreak - there are no excuses for cheating. Ground reality is you are a cheaper shop,not much more to it.

    Whatever reasons people give , cheating is cheating .

    India is full of such students... then how can we stop the project selling.
    Pretty simple , Fail Them .... No amount of money can bring back 1 year of your wasted life.
    Vikas Patial

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    Niranjan , write an article for Robotics India.

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