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Thread: Robo to rescue of a child in borehole

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    Default Robo to rescue of a child in borehole

    I am planning to do a project on 'ROBOT TO RESCUE OF A CHILD IN BOREHOLE'. Iam going to have a robocar which is embedded with camera and two arms (to the left and right) so that it can hold firmly to path it is travelling.It is also provided with a arm which is controlled manually(through wired or wireless communication) so that it can lift the baby out of the borehole.The weight of the baby is assumed to be approximately 5kg.
    can anyone reply whether the project is possible to implement ?suggestion are needed .

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    Wait, isn't a borehole vertical? How does a robotic car travel vertically downwards or upwards??

    How about a base with (at least) two wheels on both sides that can extend to tightly hold on to both sides of the bore hole. Then you come up with something to make the wheels hold to the walls (spikes, tracks or something) when there is extra load attached to the system, namely the child. Then all you gotta do is to make the wheels rotate and your base should be able to move up and down the bore hole. If it can travel close enough to the top, then it can be pulled up manually with the load.

    Just an idea. But do explain what your wheeled robot Idea was.

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    Moving inside bore hole should not be problem, since bore holes it self will guide the mechanism.
    For vertical movement some kind of rope pulley can be arranged out side the bore hole.
    I think gripping/holding child inside bore hole will be complicated part.

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    It should work if you have knowledge. ill suggest really try to make this bot.going inside is easy but comming back is hard.I think you need chain mechanism type to go inside and comeback.on the other side the arms should work inside the bore hole.Try on a sample pipe and see

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