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Thread: DIY telepresence Robot

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    If you are not going to do heavy image processing on your robot & can LCD is not mandatory then i would suggest try a wireless router. Something on the lines of

    Asus WL520GU should be available for around 2K. Open-WRT and DD-WRT are customizable. So you get wireless + 4 ethernet ports. From there on you have option of :
    a. Using USB port for webcam & ethernet port (try Microchip EN28J60) for interfacing uC (motors etc).
    b. Using USB through CDC port to interface uC and get a webcam with wifi interface.

    I think it also has a serial port on board but its not exposed (ie you may have to do a bit of soldering). It can be used for interfacing uC

    Cheers !!!
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    I had already though of that , But at 200 Mhz , 4 MB flash and 2 MB Ram these things are little too underpowered and cost is about only Rs 1000 less than a S3C2440 something with a 4.3 inch lcd and much much better specs.

    For now im going with the S3C2440 as it seems cheapest overall ... or should i say Best price performance.
    Vikas Patial

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