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Thread: New Vendors New Reviews (Nov 2011)

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    The costliest development board without ICs costs 770 Rs for PIC and AVR; and 660 for 8051 . About quality, images speak for themselves! We are gearing up for all India shipping soon. I urge you to take a closer look and then post! the URL is .

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    I can vouch for Entesla and Nex...they both have good products and great shipping times. Also, Entesla actually send me a replacement when I dropped them an email about it. Even without asking for the faulty piece back. I loved that part. i had a similar experience with

    I am loving that Indian online sites are getting matured and care about their customers. Cheers have a customer for life.

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    Default This is a pcb manufacturer in China with good quality and low price. you can quote online, so easy.
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