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Thread: Need Information on the ROBOCO Robotics Kit sold by AMPTRONICS

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    Default Need Information on the ROBOCO Robotics Kit sold by AMPTRONICS

    Guy's, I need some detailed information about the ROBOCO Kit sold by AMPTRONICS

    I am presume that this is a re-brand of some other (probably Chinese) kit, if so can someone point me a link to the actual product.

    Also if someone has seen/knows about this kit, then I would like to know what kind of parts are provided, the kind of micro-controller, how many motors can it can control, and availability of compatible spares. Can the controller be programmed in a more conventional manner rather than using the design and flowchart style tools bundled with the kit?

    I guess this kit is similar to Lego Mindstorms, so how does it compare in terms of quality and flexibility. Finally are there any

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    Best would be to get in touch with AMPTRonics regarding the pricing and sourcing.

    You cannot compare it with Mindstorms.

    If you are looking for something similar get MindStorms , it is the BEST in its field.
    Vikas Patial

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