I am planning on a TRAFFIC PREEMPTION SYSTEM. A system which allows emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire engines to move quickly incase of slow moving traffic at the signals.

I am from Chennai, during weekends like any other metro, there is traffic qued up for kilometers due to the traffic signals and at times emergency vehicles also get caught up in them. There is no proper communication between Hospital or Ambulance personnel with the Traffic police.

The Idea of the project is to install GPS system in ambulance which sends its co-ordinates through SMS using GPRS module. The Ambulance co-ordinates are tracked from Police control room, so that they can take necessary action.

I dont think there is any centralized network for all the traffic signals in the city, so still working on the part, if it is possible to controll the traffic lights from control room itself...

Please post your ideas, views or enhancements that could be made to this project.