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Thread: Any one interested in outsourcing their College Project from scratch to finish??

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    Default Any one interested in outsourcing their College Project from scratch to finish??

    I am willing to help..assist..or even complete your college projects. I have recently moved to banglore..I see quite a lot of buzz over here about it...

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    You've undertaken such a noble cause - helping dumbos get out of the soup! Nice.

    And you'd also write their exams, appear for them in the interviews, do their jobs at the companies that hire them, eat their breakfast-lunch-dinner, brush the teeth for them!
    Mohit Mahajan,

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    Totally unethical .... like many companies selling projects.
    If it was upto me i would simply fail these people who buy projects and take such route.

    I would advice against posting such threads.
    Vikas Patial

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    If only I had done my assignments by myself during engineering I wouldnt have to redo my engineering again during my Masters.

    Guys...utilize your time and resources well while in will really help you in the long run. Rather than run behind getting into better colleges... spend sometime on DIY projects. Those really teach you a lot

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    And you would think that buying projects stops at bachelors level in India. The same students come for masters in smaller american universities and one fine summer, go back to India and return with project + reports from India. Fortunately, with the advent of anti-plagiarism softwares, such students are getting what they deserve, immediate reporting to the dean and subsequently to the police and finally, expulsion with no scope of getting into any other american university again.

    These practices are rampant in computer science and electrical engineering as buying a purely mechanical project in fields like thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and other non electro-mechanical fields is difficult.

    The take home message is, if you just want a degree and no knowledge or skill to accompany it, just stick to call-centers, don't expect anything better.

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