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Thread: Height changing robot idea help !

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    Question Height changing robot idea help !

    hey people !

    am newbee to this forum...

    i am having difficulty in finding out how to build a bot that changes height... i mean the problem statement is that i need to cross across a brigade that is 15cm in height and then turn a propeller which is at the height of 20cm....using any readymade kits are prohibited...

    well as i need to increase my height of the bot and rotate the propeller , i guess i may need to have the motor too to be raised ....

    as for as my bot is concerned , i have bade it wheeled and it is made in a plastic container with dimension 13x9x9cm,... having two motors for the wheel and my plan was to build a height changing platform inside the bot which will have the motor (to turn the propeller which is 20 cm in height) .... it also would be nice if som1 could provide me with the idea on how to mount the motor to turn the propeller ( propeller has 3 blade and is Connected to a potentiometer ) ...actually the motor turning the propeller rotates a pot which will alter the voltage sensed by the bot to the voltage i have already programmed what kinda motor can i use (well servo is kinda high budget for me so planing to use a gear motor with speed pwm technique) if i use the normal geard dc motor will it giv the sufficient torque to rotate the pot?!? how much rpm should i need to choose ?!?

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    can you post the link to the problem statement??
    .... I didnt do it ! ....

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