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Thread: About L293D and PIC

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    Default About L293D and PIC

    Hi I am a newbbie and got a simple stupid questions for u experts out there.

    How to interface L293D with PIC16F84. Which pins of PIC are used to give inputs to L293D ?

    Please explain in detai coz am a complete newbie.

    Thanking in advance,

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    any general digital I/O pin of PIC / any uC can drive L293D
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    you can use any of the I/O pins.

    [for speed control u'll have to connect L293d's enable pins to PWM o/p pins.
    but that would come at a later stage. right now just give Vcc to enable pins.]

    since ur new to microcontrollers, begin with blinking leds, learn how to get input i.e. u should be able to make any pin high or low and read the status of any pin. once ur thru this, you can do almost anything with microcontrollers.

    if you are a complete newbie to digital electronics refer a book,
    Digital Logic Devices & Applications or somthing like that.

    hope this helps.

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    Im a newbie wid PICs . . .however i know working on Arduino. Can anyone give me links on how to learn PIC from the basics so that i can make a simple bot having functionability similar to arduino ? like : analog input, digital output etc etc ??

    I would love to learn it in analogy to Arduino. Help please experts . . .

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