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Thread: Electronics for Beginners

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    thanks sir
    i might start in next 2 to 3 months as i have exams coming this motnh and also i have to collect the money
    sir how can i post the pics of my robot if i have to clear some doubts regarding it
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    Wish you all the best for your exam and you could post the pics through the insert image icon as visible in the tool box of the post reply box.

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    Hey the best microcontroller suitable for beginners is Arduino. Just try learning it from their site directly. Since you already know c++ you must find it really easy!!! Dont waste your money on courses!!!

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    It would be very line my friends he you could tell me what equipments i need to program arduino in as much detail as possible

    thanx in advance

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    One more thing following your advice my first robot will not have micro controller
    but i would like to use that for my second one

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    Yes you can start with Arduino you don't require much for that . You can get Arduino online or you can look at your local electronics shop who cater to college students too. They should have an Arduino clone might be named Freeduino.. these are all right quality not as high quality as arduino.
    Now as for what equipments you will need to buy ... :
    1. a 12 v DC adapter preferably giving 1 Amps or more current (this is to run arduino board).
    2. Arduino itself.
    3. PC or laptop.
    4. A USB cable.
    5. 4 meters of single strand wire preferably different colors.
    6. A Breadboard.
    7. Led and resistors
    that is it now you can go to arduino site download there compiler and start coding and burning they have huge libraries of examples so you will never run into an issue anybody has not encountered before.

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    thanx for the reply

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    i was on their site(arduino)
    they had many programming boards listed like arduino nano, arduino diecimila, arduino uno , arduino diecimila
    i want to know what difference it would make if i choose one of these over other three.
    most probably i would shop for all the stuff next week and i have compiled a list of things i will purchase.
    it would be very kind of you if you review my list and tell me if something is missing or if i need more or less amount of something.

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    here is the list of all items i think i need(for a simple line follower without microcontroller) 9V rechargable batteries 4pieces with 250mAh capacity. battery charger for these batteries.
    2.cadmium sulphide photo resistive sensors. 10 pieces each in encapsulated and exposed category. wheels semi-pneumatic, solid tires(flat,balloon type) with different diameters and widths. i will need them in many of my projects so i will willing to buy them in bulk to reduce cost
    4.variable speed rotary tool with its accessories.
    5.resistane set with resistances between 1ohm to 1 million ohm. 2 resistance sets(1/2 watt , carbon film).
    6.capacitor set with capacitance between 2opf to 100microfarad.
    7.#4-40 round slotted machine screws.
    8.alligator chips two sets of five colors.
    9.mixed bulk bag for LEDs of different colors and sizes with around 100LEDs.
    10. 840 tie-point solderless bread board with three binding ports. 2 pieces.
    11.#22 awg copper hook-up wire 25 feet and three different colors.
    12. jumper wies with length between 3 to 8 inches. 8 pieces itwo each in four diferent colors.
    13. 2 solid battery snap connectors.
    14. breadboard compatible multi turn potentiometer with metallic turning dial. with range till 20 kilo ohms 20 pieces.
    15. voltage comparator chips 6pieces.
    16. mounting putty 100 grams.
    17. 4 spur gear head motors, 2 escap motors, 4 DC brush motors , servo motors.
    18. 10 touch sensors.
    19. metal encased infra-red photo detector 4 pieces.
    20. Metric screw case with screw of different types. washers.
    21. Aluminium oxide grinding stone for tidy holes.
    22. DPDT centre off toggle switches 4 pieces.
    23. 8 pin DIP IC sockets 10 pieces dual wipe.
    24. Molex kk connector 4 pieces.
    25. A digital multimeter with followimg features:
    DC voltage range (0.2V to 48V)
    DC current range (0.0002A to 2A)
    diode testor
    Autoranging, auto poweroff, test leads.
    26. hook probes 4 pieces.
    27. PPTC (self resetting circuit protection devices).
    28. soldering kit.
    29. Arduino programming kit.( please tell me if i need to be more specific about last two).
    I compiled this list after reading some books and i am not sure how some of the listed devices work.
    I must say sorry for that as i might have used some wrong names.

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    Your list will easily net you +4000 Rs. If you have money you can go for it.
    If you are like me (broke most part of month), then it will be better to buy only and only components you need. Again it depends on local availability of components.
    In my case I can get anything from near by electronics vendor so I only get what I want from him, and save some money.
    If you too want to save money all you require for simple line follower will be :

    1. Soldering Iron
    2. Lead (comes as a 40 g roll) and Flux(don't forget flux).
    3. 2 Geared DC motors preferably 500 rpm.
    4. Perforated PCB board.
    5. Batteries (now this is tricky part 12 v battery lead acid one is cheapest but is heavy weighs over 1 kg which complicates bot design. I will recommend you to get a battery like this you can take more powerful one too if you want along with charger these are light and compact simplifying your bot design.. )
    6. Electronics required by your bot :
    in this case i will refer to project (bot) i am making and buy each components +1 so that in case some get damaged i will have replacement.
    but all this is circumstantial as in my case electronics shop is near by. If its not such case in your case then you can buy some stock components in bulk like resistors caps and led.

    also a bread board is necessary to test you circuit before you solder it on PCB.
    also you can build online catalog on nex robotics or probots to compare and get an idea of price range you will be reaching... hope this will help. Feel free to ask anything before buying. Also it will be great if you can give me reasoning as to why are you buying each of those components, this will help me understand what you want to do ...

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