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Thread: i opened Intex webcam can you tell which cmos sensor it has

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    Default i opened Intex webcam can you tell which cmos sensor it has

    I bought a second hand one Rs.500

    I am having an INTEX Webcam(Web cam cute)
    Color: Silver

    Image Resolution :
    CIF (352*288 Pixels)
    QVGA (320*240 Pixels)
    QCIF (176*144 Pixels)
    Sensor Type : 1/5" color CIF (352*288 Pixels) CMOS Image sensor
    Image quality : 24 bit true color
    Frame rate : Up to 30 fps for CIF 30 fps QCIF
    White balance : Software automatic
    Compatible : Windows 98/ME?Windows 2000 & XP

    I want this for my project. So I opened it and I found the following specification written on PCB



    PCB number:1432
    can you plz tell me which CMOS image sensor is inside it and give some details about the IC's inside it because we want to make a camera with it.

    can you plz give links for it datasheet

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    Default datasheet

    Hey Yogi..

    i saw ur post on one of the robot groups...
    you mentioned it was this sensor PAS106B
    Heres the datasheet

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    I also got that one

    That datasheet is having nothing

    I want to interface image sensor with AVR

    but it doesn't even have its pin diagram

    The company who make it
    they are not giving the detailed description of it

    I send them mail but they haven't replied till now

    Bibin John

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