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Thread: Suggestions needed for monitor

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    Default Suggestions needed for monitor

    Hi Guys,

    I am trying to build a monitor with the following inputs and outputs:

    The inputs are:

    1. Battery cell voltage and current.
    2. Input voltage from PT (potential transformer)
    3. Current through CT (current transformer)

    The outputs are:

    1. ON/OFF switch1
    2. RESET switch
    3. RS232 interface
    4. Ethernet
    5. GPS
    6. GSM/RF (for remote logging capability)
    7. LCD
    8. USB

    The main point of this project is data logging ie. to be able to send an
    update of the front-end (battery) once every morning, every day
    remotely. Also should be able to control the system (nos.1 and 2) remotely
    i.e. through internet.

    Based on this, which board should I use? Any suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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    This type of application has been pretty popular will find a ton of DIY projects. you can start your search at Sparkfun...they had something similar built a few weeks ago.

    Suggested boards - Arduino/Raspberry Pi/PIC Development Boards

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    Your requirements are very common , I suggest a 32 bit micro with multiple uarts/spis/i2c for interfacing the multiple interfaces you wish to have.

    Look into ARM 7 , Cortex m3 , pic32 ... they will be able to handle it easily. If i was given this project i would have picked Pic with most of the stack provided free and
    enough peripherals and pins to do it easily.

    Development board for this all this mounted is unlikely , but you can buy a mikro full dev board and buy seprate addon modules, with which should be able to fully conver the functionality required -
    Vikas Patial

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