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Thread: Tx,Rx circuits wanted.

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    Default Tx,Rx circuits wanted.

    I need ciruits or info about Tx,Rx for transmitting digital data,preferably multichannel.

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    Default FSK Rx/Tx Module

    FSK Rx/Tx Module

    Calling all RF enthusiasts, hobbyists

    What would you pay to make a FSK RF based remote control of 434MHZ – 400m range??????
    RF module –
    FSK Receiver Module – Rs 350/- onwards
    FSK Transmitter Module – Rs 350/- onwards
    HT12E IC and HT12D ICs – Rs 35/- each
    PCB charges and fabrication – Rs 100/-
    Postage Charges Rs 75/-
    So you have to pay anywhere between Rs 910/- and above for just the Receiver – Decoder and Transmitter – Encoder Module.

    We have product in which Transmitter – Encoder comes in one single module and Receiver – Decoder module in another. READY TO USE…
    Dimensions of the module are 3cmx2cm …hence really compact. Minimum external components required. READY TO USE…

    Suitable for all kinds of wireless gadgets, remote control, robotics, toys etc.

    At a astonishing price of Rs 395 per pair and Rs 95 towards postage and handling
    = Rs 490 only per pair (i.e Transmitter, Receiver, Encoder, Decoder)

    Email at for datasheets. Special price for bulk buyers.

    visit :

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