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Thread: How do I get an electronic product manufactured in India

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    Default How do I get an electronic product manufactured in India

    Guys need some advice.

    Whom do I need to contact if I want some electronic device to be manufactured? I have the prototype ready, I built it with arduino. The final device shouldn't cost more than 100 Rs. Looking at the current available electronic devices, I think it shouldn't cost more than 100 INR. So I would like to find a good manufacturer and try to find out what actually it would cost. And then decide what to do next.

    I am a CS guy, not an electronics guy, so I have no idea about manufacturing, chip fabrication or cost cutting etc.

    So whom do i contact if I want my device to be mass produced?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Get BoM Ready and The final PCB gerbers .MoQ for most would be atleast 500.

    Contact vendors with Gerbers and BoM they will give you a quote.
    Vikas Patial

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    if you need to get your product manufactured then u should contact the PCB manufacturer. most PCB manufacturer would even do assembly for you in two ways , u buy them component or they buy and do complete finish product for you. U can get raw PCB designed and get it assembled yourself if that is feasible for you to do.

    But basically u have to keep two things in mind. One is the the Component cost A) Comes loose and comes in roll, price differ on it. B) Manufacturer of PCB would require basically roll or strip based on the specs they cant take loose pcs of Component for assembly if those are of SMD types. and in electronic manufacturing labour cost would be more expensive than the machine made so u have to choose your component wisely.

    So the cost of your product should be calculated based on finished 1000 pcb or 100 PCB. anything lower than that quantity i don't think u would be able to accurately take the cost out.

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