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Thread: Need Help Buying A DSO

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    Hi, I am new to DSO's so would like to get all the help i can get on this. I plan on getting a 100MHz bandwidth dso, i have shortlisted two brands but can't seem to decide which one to get.

    (1) ScientiFic - SMO1002
    (2) Aplab - D37100A

    Brands like tek are outside my budget and i couldn't find a Rigol dealer in Chennai (I Live in Chennai) and again 100Mhz version of Rigol oscilloscopes are expensive.

    I have seen ScientiFic analog oscilloscopes at my college, but would like to know which brand should i go for. I haven't looked at any other brands, other than the ones mentioned above, so if you guys can name a few other good brands or guide me in anyway it would be greatly helpful. My budget is at around max 30k

    Thank you
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