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    hi my name is Nikhil KJ. I am from India-Kerala.i just finished my +2 in ISC
    and now i am doing ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND ROBOTICS in Ooty (Tamil
    Nadu) at a college named MERIT-IIT

    through this college i am getting a US degree " BS" (bachelor of studies).

    i went through lot of books here and i figured all they are teaching
    is about writing programs and how to program a robot. But my intrests
    are not only to program it but also to make one totally form
    scratch...for this i think i need a good electrical background. so
    should i do a degree in electronics and then do a masters in robotics.

    my degree is not valid in india so i'll have to go abroad for further studies.

    please help me.


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    you can study electronics by yourself

    go through the stories in this forum

    I am also from Kerala.

    Any probs u just mail me-

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